Overcoming obstacles is my passion

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Coming soon: A women’s fiction book about family, horses, and forgiveness.

Jenny Fratzke

Overcoming obstacles is my passion: plane wrecks, cancer, horse accidents, making the wrong decisions, fear of COVID, abandonment, poverty, shame, rejection, and fear of death.

Have you ever felt that life is one big obstacle after another? Like you can’t see how God will ever deliver you out of an impossible situation?

Sometimes I am amazed at how many adventures I’ve experienced in my life, such as flying as a stewardess for Pan American World Airways and riding horses in the backcountry. In 2005, I was riding my favorite mare, Desdemona, into the wilderness of Montana. A thick wall of Douglas fir and ponderosa pine blocked most of the natural light. Flashes of lightning across the sky excited my senses. The crescendo of thunder—crackling, rumbling, booming—hit my ears. I felt closer to God than I’d ever felt before.

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