God is a Good Father Series Introduction

Welcome to the God is a Good Father Series. Today I will start with an introduction to the book of Proverbs and a question. Did you grow up with a father? A role model that taught you wisdom or how to feel secure and safe in a harsh world?

My father was a Navy Veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder before the term became a buzzword. As a sensitive man and metal artist of classic cars, my dad had a gentle heart. He watched television programs like Lassie and Leave it to Beaver. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey was his favorite. It’s hard not to love an old Golden Retriever, a playful American Bulldog puppy, and a Himalayan cat.

When my father returned from war, the stresses of operating an auto body business specializing in classic cars like the ones you would see on a Jay Leno show took its toll on our family—making ends meet demanded hard work and financial struggles. Saddled with a business, a wife, and two daughters, the pressure must have been immense.

In my Series on Proverbs, I will encourage you to act today. Because of my experience growing up without a father, you won’t hear discouragement or what you did wrong in the past. We won’t spend time looking behind our shoulders or in the rearview mirror. Next week we will start with Proverbs 1:1-7 and feel encouraged together how God beautifully designs a musical checklist to guide us toward living a happy and peaceful life.

Wisdom is the North Star of life, and God gifts us with these nuggets of truth, and aphorisms, of short, pithy, and precise everyday principles for everyday life—glimmers of truth from the living father. The book of Proverbs is part of the Poetical books of the Bible, which include Job, Psalm, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. As God’s children, we possess an intellectual and emotional side. In the book of Proverbs, God appeals to our intellect and passion through an ethical appeal, much like a lawyer would petition a jury. Through His Word, we discover the virtues and vices of our choices and, unfortunately, the consequences of our actions.

Throughout my Series on the book of Proverbs, I will incorporate the King James Version of the Bible because the poetry and beauty of the language flow into my ears like musical notes lifted toward the heavens. Like a song, the poetry of God’s Word is something you can tuck inside your pocket while hiking or sing the words along a trail.

You and I need not be Theologians or Scholars to learn and enjoy Proverbs. Throughout the series, I will weave in excellent resources featured in Bible Gateway, including several commentaries from brilliant scholars such as Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ Bible Study, Charles F. Stanley Life Principals Bible Notes, King James Bible Study Notes, Vines Expository Study Notes, and others.

I love poetry. Poetry, like music, needs to be savored. These beautiful aphorisms in the book of Proverbs present the good vices that people can possess from the Word of God. Attributes such as forgiveness, kindness, courage, humility, and perseverance help us live correctly. Plus, at the end of each lesson, memorizing a short verse or two is a bonus. Music for the trail or home doing chores, this verse will help you become more like the person you want to be. It is the armament of a Good Father spoken to his children.

The book of Proverbs is like a pilot checklist for daily life, something an aviator would use for engine start, flight operation, and emergency procedures. For some of us without a father, it may be more challenging to know how to make a good decision or obtain the virtues modeled by a Godly parent. But we can learn! We can incorporate God’s encouragement and warnings into our daily lives and learn to follow a checklist.

This series on the book of Proverbs will give you more confidence in understanding God’s generous provision for his children. Surrendering to His leading and Grace is a win-win situation! Leaning into God’s wisdom will bring you more peace and joy. Next week, look at my God is a Good Father Series YouTube, where I’ll share the hidden things, the formula, and the checklist for a peaceful and happier life.